Thermostat Repairs and Replacements

repairing a thermostat, Shenandoah Texas


When the your system shuts off too early and does not finish the full heating or cooling cycle it may be time to replace your thermostat. 

Thermostat Repair

Your thermostat may only need a repair. It could be something as simple as a tripped breaker, a loose connection, a dirty thermostat or a bad battery in your digital thermostat. A few thermostat issues that can be easily repaired include:

A crooked installation can result in not reaching the programmed temperature.
A loose connection could result in the furnace not producing heat
A loose connection or dirty thermostat can cause a furnace to short cycle.
If your thermostat is not functioning properly first try replacing the batteries.
installing a digital thermostat, Roman Forest Texas

A new digital thermostat can keep your home at a more comfortable temperature and when using the programming feature may even reduce your heating or cooling bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my thermostat?
Generally, when you replace your air conditioning unit, you should install a new thermostat as well.
If I have a programmable thermostat, what kind of batteries are best?
Most models require AA lithium batteries, not alkaline. Alkaline batteries lose energy much faster. Checking the thermostat batteries is the first thing to check, when an air conditioner will not turn on.
Where should thermostats be located in a home?
To get an accurate reading, thermostats should be located in the central portion of a home, away from sunlight, appliances that give off heat, and away from air vents.

Should I clean my thermostat?
Since dust is a common thermostat problem, take the cover off the thermostat and use a soft paintbrush to clean the unit, taking care not to bend or loosen any of the inner contacts or wiring.
What are the signs of a thermostat that is beginning to fail?
• The HVAC system “short cycles” which means the system shuts off too early and does not finish the full heating or cooling cycle. • The HVAC system will not turn on when you make changes at the thermostat. • The thermostat loses programmed settings. • The thermostat does not respond to changed settings.
How do I clean my thermostat?
Use a can of compressed air to spray out the thermostat. Use a soft brush to scrape away any problematic dust. Turn the thermostat to its lowest setting and clean the bi-metallic coil. Turn the thermostat to its highest setting and clean the coil again.

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