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Air Conditioning

Whatever air conditioning system you have the professionals at J-Star Services has the experience to service, repair or replace your system.

Benefits of Service or Replacement

In addition to extending the lifetime of your cooling unit, repair or replace will save you money. A system with issues works harder requiring more energy use.  Not to mention, a properly running air conditioner can improve your mood due to temperature regulation, can enhance work performance, especially important with so many working from home and when using a good air filter it can keep your immune system from working harder, protecting you from disease.

Energy Efficient
Improved Air Quality
Fewer Service Calls
Prolonged AC Life
Better Sleep

Better Work Performance
Better Mood

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a seasonal tune-up necessary for my air conditioner?
For best practices, the HVAC system should be checked two times a year. This will reduce the likelihood of a breakdown, and it will extend the lifetime of the unit. Dust and debris are enemies to the system, so the indoor and outdoor units must be kept clean. This means filters inside should be changed regularly, and the outside unit should be kept free of debris.
What is causing the air conditioner noises I hear?
Air conditioners make a noise when they start up and stop. Do not ignore other electrical system noises that could put your air conditioner at risk for serious problems. Noises and their possible causes: • Clicking when the AC starts up or shuts down: Continuing clicking sounds may mean the thermostat is about to go bad. • Squealing sounds: This could be a belt out of alignment or one that is worn out. It could also be a malfunctioning blower wheel and its housing or a fan motor. • Screaming or whistling: This may mean that you have a refrigerant leak (Freon). Screaming can also indicate a high internal pressure issue inside the compressor. • Banging: There could be a loose or broken part inside the compressor. • Grinding: This could have to do with the air conditioner motor’s bearings.
Why is my home excessively humid?
This problem could result from a clogged drain line. Just as with plumbing, an air conditioner’s drain lines can develop a clog, too. Often, condensation, from the evaporator coils, mixes with dust particles and creates a mud that washes into the drain line and forms a clog. So, if your home feels excessively muggy, you may have clogged drain line.

Why is my air conditioner leaking refrigerant?
The lines transporting refrigerant through the system can leak which causes the refrigerant to spill out, and that causes less pressure to complete the cooling process. If you are low on refrigerant, you will notice temperature fluctuations and less efficiency. Refrigerant can become dangerous if the leaking liquid evaporates and becomes a gas. If you believe your unit is leaking refrigerant, contact us immediately. Note: Freon, also known as R-22, will no longer be made or imported to the United States, starting January 1st, 2020. The Environmental Protection Agency said the odorless gas, which is one of the key refrigerants in air conditioners, is bad for the environment because it depletes the ozone layer. After 2020, older systems can be serviced with recycled Freon.
Why is my air conditioner leaking water?
The cooling process produces condensation that needs to be carried away and exit the system. Because leaking water can damage your home and cause mold, mildew and bacteria, this is a serious problem. If you have a leak, that means the water is not being drained away. The drain hole could be clogged, the pump may have failed, the coils in the system may be caked with dirt, or it could simply be due to a dislodged drain pipe.
My outside air conditioner unit is covered with ice. Why has this happened?
The first thing to do is turn the unit off to prevent damage to the compressor. If the evaporator coils have frozen, the problem is often caused by a dirty air filter which restricts air moving across the evaporator coils and causes ice to form. Or, the air ducts may be blocked, either by furniture or by dirt. Floor and ceiling registers return air flow to the coils and should not be blocked. Low refrigerant could be the source of the problem.
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