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Plumbing design starts with an efficient plumbing system. Short runs between fixtures and the latest materials saves water and energy resources. 


A great plumbing design includes incorporating the best system to supply water and the best system to rid waste. Resulting in greater efficiency and fewer repairs. 

Save water
Continuous hot water
Save energy
Tax credits

Frequently Asked Questions

What is important to consider when designing a plumbing system?
A plumbing system must include two systems—the system that supplies water and the system that gets rid of water. The drain system also has vent stacks that allow drain pipes to “breathe” and move sewer waste through the sewer pipes. The plumbing design must comply with building codes. For example, there are a certain number of fixtures allowed on a room’s drain system, on a vent stack, and in situations where drains and supply lines are placed inside the home. A licensed plumber is well acquainted with plumbing design requirements and code.

Are there ways to increase the efficiency of the plumbing?
Yes. Home owners can increase the efficiency of their plumbing by choosing from some of the following options: • Protect the pipes with insulation. • Select low-flow toilets which use about 1.6 gallons per flush. • Use a high efficiency condensing boiler which saves energy by being better at heating water. And, there is a federal tax credit for their installation and additional rebates from power companies in some states. • Install a tankless water heater which lasts longer than traditional water heaters and provides unlimited hot water. Tankless units use less natural gas which allows for some savings. • Install a solar water heater which uses solar panels to provide the energy to heat water. There are also tax credits for using solar power. • Install low-flow shower heads.

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