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Toilet Installation & Repair

There are many things that can go wrong a toilet. It can often be hard for homeowners to decide between a new toilet installation and repairs on an old one. To help you decide we have listed a few signs to look for and what they mean. 

  • Clogged – This is the most common problem with toilets. And sometimes a plunger alone will not do the trick.
  • A Constantly Running  Tank or one that Will Not Fill – One likely explanation is defective parts. Parts in a toilet are prone to corrosion and breakdown. 
  • If a flapper is old, and the rubber is rotting, it can fail to seal properly. It can even stop closing at all. Which may result in the tank continually topping itself off,  even when it is not in use, to it not being able to fill.
  • If the Sponge Gasket has deteriorated, it will cause a leak between the tank and bow.
  • When Lock Nuts are not tightened properly, it will cause the same leak as the gasket.
  • Over Flow Tube and Seal. When not seated correctly, water can leak at the base.
  • When the Float or Float Cup becomes stuck or doesn’t trigger, the water will continue to fill draining into the overflow tube there to prevent flooding.
  • Handles can become stuck and will either not allow the tank to fill, or will not let the flapper valve fall into place. 
  • When there is a Cracked Tank or Leaking you it could cause an almost undetectable trickle of water that can seep into your floorboards causing mold growth and rot or large amounts of water pooling on the floor. Cracks also compromise the strength of the bowl, requiring a new toilet installation.
  • Water Leaking Out Around the Base is often a sign that the wax ring which connects the base to the sewer line is no longer sealing properly.

A simple and painless toilet repair can fix most of these issues. Your technician will examine the problem and get things running again.


Depending on the issue, repairing or installing a new toilet can save you money, time and a lot of headaches. Especially if the issue is causing a leak. 

Prevent floor damage
Fewer repairs
Save water
Updated style
Save on monthly bill
Fewer clogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to install a new toilet?
Replacing a toilet is not hard. It is bulky and heavy which may be difficult in tight spaces.
How do I replace a toilet?
1. Turn off the water supply at the valve. 2. Flush the toilet and remove water from the tank and bowl. 3.Unscrew the tank bolts that fasten the basin to the bowl. 4.Unscrew the water supply line 5.Remove the tank by lifting it from the bowl. 6.Remove the floor bolt caps and unscrew the nuts with an adjustable wrench. 7.Break the sealant on pedestal of the toilet by rocking the it back and forth. 8.Scrape away remaining wax around the drain opening. 9.Inspect your floor and subfloor for water damage. 10.Replace the old flange around the drain opening with a new one. 11. Fit a new wax ring around the bottom of the toilet bowl, just around its drainage hole. 12.Ensure flange is tight to floor. 13.Lift and place the toilet bowl over the anchor bolts protruding from the floor. 14.Once the anchor bolts fit snugly inside the floor bolt openings, rock the bowl from side to side in order to create a seal on the toilet drainage hole. 15.Insert the bolts through the tank and base, then tighten lightly by hand. (don't over tighten). 16.Insert shims or other spacers underneath the toilet to make it level. 17.Tighten the floor bolts gradually with an adjustable wrench until secure. 18.Install the decorative caps and Carefully fit the tank over the bowl, making sure the tank bolts fit inside the bowl. 19.Reconnect the water line and turn on the water supply. 20.Caulk around the base of the toilet to ensure a good seal.
How do you install a new toilet seat?
Slide the plastic bolts into the slots on the back of the new seat. Insert the bolts into the holes at the back of the toilet bowl and screw the nuts into place. Firmly tighten

Why does my toilet “gurgle” when I flush it?
This problem means there is air going back up through the toilet which is usually due to a blockage in one of several places—the sewer line, the toilet trap, or the vent stack (where sewer gases escape).
Why is there a puddle of water around the base of my toilet?
This usually means there is a leak due to a bad seal or gasket. That will require that a new seal be fitted, after the toilet is removed from the floor.
Do I need a plumber to install a bidet?
If you want to have a freestanding bidet, then a plumber will be needed due to the plumbing requirements for a bidet. However, you can install a bidet toilet seat very easily yourself.
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